"TANYA RAMIREZ is the person for hair color.
I am Asian with black hair.  She has made me a believable-looking
blonde.  She started at a salon in Santa Monica (where I live) and
kept moving farther east. I have followed her everywhere because
she is the best.  I have tried numerous other high-end salons/colorists,
but no one could get the color right. It was either too brassy/red
or the opposite dark and ashy.  From time to time I have gone to
other sylists (because I didn't have the time to make the long drive)
only to come back to Tanya for a color correction.  She not only
has the technical skills and experience, but takes the time to
listen to what you want."

- Sue J.

"Totally awesome salon. Tanya is wonderful -- she spends a
much time as your hair demands and is just plain cool to chat with.
I go here monthly despite living on the Westside."
- Jack C.

"Having just moved to Los Angeles I was in need of a new
hair stylist. I have been consistently pleased with my cuts from
Tanya and have not gone anywhere else since my arrival
in the City of Angels. Oh, and thanks Tanya for putting
up with my odd schedule. :0)"

- Robert C.

"Tanya is super talented!! Ever sat in a chair asking for
advice on your hair and felt confident with the direction of
the Artist? After all, what we see in the mirror, and what
another sees of ourselves are usually different things.  
Like a few others on here, I've been looking for someone I
can trust with my very thick wavy hair that is not easy to
cut or colour.  After some experiences, I would wait long
intervals between cuts until I had a trip up to Toronto.
Now I don't have to wait so long...thank you.
Tanya is that Artist you can trust for both cut and colour.
She enjoys what she's doing, so immediately that makes a
difference and she is one of the best at doing it!"

- Donna M.

"Tanya is the best! I have followed her because she is the only
one that knows how to make me happy and make my hair look
great! She is the BEST at color, I always get compliments.

- Logan H.

"Tanya is the only person I trust with my hair - she's amazing,
sweet, and very talented...I've been going to her for several
years now and will follow her wherever she goes!"

- Justin L.

"Tanya is the best!!! I moved to LA over two years ago and went
to Tanya on a referral from a friend back when she still worked
at a salon in Santa Monica. Even after I eventually settled in
Silverlake, I STILL made the drive to see her. Imagine how happy
I was when she moved to a an Eastside salon.
Tanya has a great eye, and always takes the time to listen
carefully and consult with you on the best cut and color. I've
gotten tons of compliments and I've referred several people to
her since then and everyone has been very pleased.
Go see her, you'll be glad you did."

- Irene B.

"Best. Stylist. Ever. When I first moved to LA, I was faced
with bitter, subpar Hollywood stylists who didn't care what I
said or what I wanted. My once beautiful mame turned into a
wreck...until the hair angels led me to Tanya.
I've been going to Tanya for the last three years and have
referred all my friends to her. She takes the time to listen and
consult because she wants YOU to be happy with your hair.
Imagine that? Client satisfation is her top priority and color
is her special talent. In fact, she took me from a platinum
blonde to a rich red-head, which is no easy task.  And when I
say, 'Just a trim, please', that's exactly what I get. Tanya has
real talent and her friendly, patient attitude makes a visit
to her a real treat."

- Angela C.

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Fibonacci Inspiration

I've become an official contributor on the Latest Hairstyles website.
Get inspired by my perspective on the latest trends
in hair colour and style.

Fibonacci Inspiration

Specialty hair colour inspired by Abalone shells / Mother of Pearl.

Fibonacci Inspiration

My signature hair colour collection created for NAHA Awards 2012.

June 2011
Fibonacci Inspiration

Here is a link to the digital edition of my Golden Ratio hair
feature in Modern Salon's June 2011 issue.

Watch the video here.

Fibonacci Inspiration

Hair and Makeup teaser shots.

May 2011

Get Untamed! Handcrafted Feather Earrings, Hair Clips, &
Accents. Show off your stars with Zodiac Charm& Feather
Earrings. Adorn your mane with Crystal Jewel Extensions
and Tiki Bead Extensions.

April 2011
Hair emergency hotline? Why yes, I am in.

Pravana's Perfection Smooth Out. At Last. Breathe Easy.

Who said you can't have Perfection?
You ask for perfect hair. That sleek, smooth, sensuous look
that defines confidence. But somehow it's always been out of
reach. Until now.

Introducing Perfection SmoothOut™, the new patent-pending
innovation to instantly and safely transform coarse, frizzy, curly
hair to smooth, straight and superbly shiny with results
lasting months. Natural. Healthy. Chemical-free.

March 2011
Hair and makeup on Fairuza Balk for her Stormwinds video
shoot, directed by Chad Michael Ward.

Fibonacci Inspiration
(Photo by Mary Taylor)


Fibonacci Inspiration

Feather Locks have landed in Hollywood, baby!
Come see me at Sweet 9 Salon and spruce
up your look today.

Feather Locks, makers of the highest quality feather
extensions all over the World.

January 2011

Fibonacci Inspiration

My latest creative hair colouring design is
inspired by Sacred Geometry. Most notably, the
Golden Ratio aka Fibonacci Spiral.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the
genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores
and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all
things and reveals the precise way that the energy of
Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural
pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one
or more geometric shapes.

YOU are the unexpected magical element – the creative
alchemist, mixing geometries, palettes and sound with
the surprising and ever revealing artistry of your own
consciousness. By trusting the “hidden reserves” of
your own mind, emotions and soul to creatively guide
your experience here, you will receive that which is
uniquely appropriate for you at any given time.

Video coming soon!

For more info check on my Facebook page.

Harnessing the Power of the Moon

Now, that 2011 is upon us I've chosen to use some of
my creative energy to combine two of my passions;
hair and astrology.  Please enjoy my latest musings on
my Facebook page.


December 2010

Although it may not quite feel like Christmas in LA,
the giving spirit is upon us at Sweet 9 Salon.

Our Xmas tree is up and I'm ready to share little hair treats
with you - perfect travel-sized shampoo/conditioner duos!
A fab styling treatment by Rusk, made with Argan oil,
super for any hair type. So, come in and enjoy a nice
cuppa in our cinamon-scented tea room.


November 2010


Check out the photos from last month's fantastic
RAW Event Showcase where I was the featured stylist.

More photos on my Facebook page.


October 2010
RAW Event Showcase @ Cinespace, Hollywood
October 7th, 8.00PM

For tickets click here



September 2010

What's Next Awards - September Entry
What Next Awards Entry

My entry to the What's Next Awards, sponsored by Sebastian Professional.
Vote at: http://www.whatsnextawards.com/sombra913

Hair & Make-up: Tanya Ramirez
Model: Katherine Castro
Photo: Mark Berry

sweet 9 logo

Find me at Sweet 9 Salon, Tea Room & Day Spa!
A full-service salon (with free Wi-Fi) located in the
Melrose Shopping District in the heart of Hollywood.

sweet 9 salon

sweet 9 salon

sweet 9 salon


October 7th @ Cinespace, Hollywood.
I've been selected to participate in an exciting RAW artist showcase.
RAW hand-picks and spotlights local artistic talent in film, fashion,
music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With
artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together
to form an amazing circus of creativity. More info to come soon!

October 23rd @ Hollywood Dance Center, Hollywood.
I'll be adding my Hair and Make-up skills for what looks to
be a really fun night at FASHION IN WONDERLAND.
More info soon.


August 2010

*Enjoy 15% off any COLOUR or CUT service.

July 2010

Summer is here and I am delighted to tell you about
some new specials...

JULY WEEKEND SPECIALS - Good for Fri / Sat / Sun
Celebrate with me and enjoy some Good Stuff....

*20% off any COLOUR / CUT / STYLE service
for new clients
*Complimentary deep conditioning with
any colour service


April 2010

Now offfering facial waxing and botanical hair colour!

Check out some styles at:


March 2010

Refer a friend or loved one between now and March 31st
and have them enjoy 10% off any Colour or Cut service
on their first visit. Plus, YOU will get 10% off and Colour or
Cut on your next appointment through April 30th.


Dec 2009

Makeup on Shorty Rossi, Ashley Brooks, Ronald Lee Clark
and Sebastian Saraceno for the promotional shoot of
Animal Planet's show Pit Boss.


Feb 2009
"A Day of Living Beauty"

Organised by the The Foundation for Living Beauty, and
held at Aya Salon in Santa Monica, Untamed Instincts will
participate in an uplifting day of makeovers, personal
styling, wig consultations and photo shoots for courageous
survivors of cancer.